maandag 15 november 2010

Special 5 minutes Standart Class ATV Television.

Click on the link AND SCROLL TO 8 MINUTES 10 SECONDS :
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Second movie ATV , newsflash :

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Sport Service Club Antwerpen - conference

I had an interesting conference about landyachting tonight. The Sport Service Club Antwerp is the local branch of the Belgian Olympic Comitee.
I had the opportunity to present our lovely sport with the nice pictures and footages of the past World Championships.
Good promotion for our sport again !!! I received lots of positive feedback. The sport is not unknown within the Belgian Olympic comitee because we had several Belgian worldchampions in the past. I have been talking about our aim to attempt the "worldsport" recognition and with maybe some luck we can have their support in the future. Fingers crossed !!!
We have also been registered in the official chronicals of the Belgian Sports in 2007. Approximately 10 pages about the history of landyachting will be preserved for future generations. On this link you can find a partially released article on the net : (sorry only in Dutch)