donderdag 1 september 2011

Sheet Rope regulation

Further to an email sent in November 2010 by Martin Leach, on behalf of BFSLYC and as the UK liaison person with ISSA, Wirral Sand Yacht Club write to state the position for scrutineering of Standarts to alleviate any uncertainty prior to this year's European Championships at Hoylake in Britain:

The scrutineers for the coming Euros event at Hoylake will not pass any pilot/yacht of a Standart with a sheet rope which is less than 10mm in diameter at any point along its length as per the current specification, rule(annex 2E article 4) 'the main sheet shall be 10-12 mm. in diameter'.

As we understand the situation from Martin's previous email several pilots have been know to use sheet ropes which are either 8mm, which is smaller than the specified minimum diameter, or were tapered from 10mm to 6mm which is considerably less than the specified minimum diameter, on safety grounds due to using 40mm pulley blocks.

However in respecting the current FISLY regulations in force any standart which has a sheet rope of less than 10mm diameter, even for part of their length, are not within specification and will therefore not be eligible to sail in any race at the Euros in Hoylake in 2011.

We trust you will advise all potential competitors of this enforcement of the current rules at our coming event.
Kind regards

Julian PriestSecretary of Wirral Sand Yacht Club