dinsdag 5 juli 2011

new XL body for the Standart

I had the opportunity to test the XL body during the last race. I was extremely satisfied with the new body. It's in fact the same body like were are used to sail with but just in a bigger size. From now on we are able to invite + 95 kilo persons and heavy measured shoesizes into our Standart class.

The ISSA ( International Standart Sandyacht Association) will give green light to have it accepted within the Fisly. The body fits within the actual regulation, we just had to add an annex within the rules. The steering, which is 2 cm higher than we used to have is a brilliant idea of the constructior. We just need to discuss if we can deal with the proposed steering within our class.

So , it looks like the constructor found a excellent compromise between the actual yacht and the future generation of the Standart Yachts.

We invite all competition pilots on the beach of De Panne during the summer vacation to test the yacht. Competition pilots from other classes are also welcome. And even if you not sailing with it just try the body , you will be astonished about the space you have on the inside of the yacht.

We just need to do some more tests during strong wind conditions with + 95 kgs persons to see if the front wheel does not lift from the ground during tacking or when the yacht goes through the gullies. And believe me, I am quite convinced that this body will pass this extra test very easily !More detailed pictures are available on the special link of Walter Carels( do not abuse this pictures).