donderdag 3 maart 2011

Belgian Boat Show at Ghent

The Flemish Federation ( asked to exhibit my yacht during the Boat Show.

And of course we cannot refuse such opportunity.

I had some interesting contacts during my visit at the booth. Morris Adant is e.g. a excellent photographer in the domain of yachting ( I had a constructive chat with him and with some luck, you will be able to see some pics taken by him about landyachting.
I introduced Morris Adant to Walter Carels which was also the same day at Ghent and they have been talking in a enthousiastic way about their mutual interest.
As you probably know, Walter Carels is the best land yacht photographer we know !

We are looking forward for the cooperation of those 2 photographer's thogether.

Some pics of Walter Carels taken during the exhibiton are linked on his site :

For other landyacht pics :