zondag 1 oktober 2006

WC 2006 , 6 th general ranking, vice-WC by team

Yeah !!! Great, the championships are finished and all pilots are happy and satisfied about the though competition we had in Le Touquet (France).
I knew on forehand that beach conditions of Le Touquet are extremely difficult. Even my large experience of Berck plage ( 20 km from Le Touquet) did not help me to take advantage of the others. Everybody was surprised about the soft sand , endless obstacles (e.g. water and holes) on the sailing tracks.
The winner is a real champion !!!! And all participants did exremelywell during this week. We had no severe injuries and all pilots even took the start on the last race. Now it's proved that the Standart yacht is strong and reliable on these beaches. I only had to replace the bearings ( 6 on the back wheels, and 2 on the steering case) and had no flat tires.

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