zondag 23 september 2007

Bronze for Yann at Liverpool

We had splendid sailing week during the past Europeans. The struggle for the European title at Hoylake (Liverpool) had a special dimension because it was the last great event before the coming World Championships at Argentina (febr 2008).
The French suppremacy has finaly been overwelmed by different countries, especially in the Standart Class.

Final ranking "Standart class" :
1 : Fran├žois Garnavault (France)
2 : Pablo Reyes (Argentina)
3 : Yann Demuysere (Belgium)
4 : Riis Davis ( United Kingdom)
5 : Horst Herbst (Denmark).

It gives me a good feeling to be back at the "top" of the biggest and most interesting class !!!

pictures : http://www.pbase.com/bleriotclub/s433
link : http://freespace.virgin.net/sec.wsyc/index.htm